I just had to post this video here because it's damn worth it. This wonderful documentary tells about Jeffrey Zeldman, one of the most important promoters of the web we know and work on today. I truly admire the work he did, especially in terms of web standards. My daily processes are a product of his effort to the web and its technologies.

Baseblog 2.0

I've just released the second major version of Baseblog. It has been completely reworked and is now ready for Kirby 2. It comes up with all the features it's already known for and makes use of some delicious new Kirby stuff. Check out the changelog for details! The latest version only works with Kirby 2. If you still need Baseblog for an older Kirby version you might want to check out earlier releases.

GitHub Demo

What about description lists?

I guess the description list element (formerly known as "definition list element") is one of the most ignored and underrated markup features out there. The <dl> element can be used to create a description list consisting of description terms (<dt>) and detail descriptions (<dd>). Not very complicated and not much to understand but it seems to be quite rarely used beyond the theory.

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Responsive Images resources

Awesome things have happened within the last couple of weeks. And I'm pretty excited that thanks to a bunch of clever and damn hard-working people we'll finally be able to handle images for different screen resolutions and densities in a way we've never been able to before. I'm personally really thankful for that and I can't wait to getting my hands dirty and using all that new stuff on real client projects.

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What Baseblog is

Some time ago I released a simple and responsive blog theme for Kirby called Baseblog. I was very surprised how many of you out there downloaded it and used it as a tool to learn more about Kirby and its possibilities.

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Transitions on gradients workaround

Maybe I'm late to the party but after figuring out that CSS transitions cannot be used on CSS gradients (background-image in general) yet, I've tried to find a proper workaround to solve that quite annoying problem using the example of a simple button. With this lil' post I want to share my humble solution for that.

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My thoughts on iOS 7

Since yesterday - after the WWDC Keynote - a huge part of my Twitter timeline complains about the upcoming iOS design.

Fun fact: The vast majority of them haven't had the chance to really test it live on a device yet. But well, that seems to be no reason not to criticize iOS 7 to death.

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I really think that this is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Josh Brewer demonstrated pure awesomeness and sang his talk at the last Beyond Tellerrand Conference. I haven't been there and especially after watching this video I couldn't be sadder about that.

GistBox takes care of your gists


A few days ago I discovered GistBox. It's a lovely web app which handles all your gists on GitHub. The more gists you have the more you can get annoyed if you have to find or edit one of those quickly. I personally love Gist but I don't like to use it directly on GitHub that much.

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