What Baseblog is

Some time ago I released a simple and responsive blog theme for Kirby called Baseblog. I was very surprised how many of you out there downloaded it and used it as a tool to learn more about Kirby and its possibilities.

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Transitions on gradients workaround

Maybe I'm late to the party but after figuring out that CSS transitions cannot be used on CSS gradients (background-image in general) yet, I've tried to find a proper workaround to solve that quite annoying problem using the example of a simple button. With this lil' post I want to share my humble solution for that.

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My thoughts on iOS 7

Since yesterday - after the WWDC Keynote - a huge part of my Twitter timeline complains about the upcoming iOS design.

Fun fact: The vast majority of them haven't had the chance to really test it live on a device yet. But well, that seems to be no reason not to criticize iOS 7 to death.

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I really think that this is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Josh Brewer demonstrated pure awesomeness and sang his talk at the last Beyond Tellerrand Conference. I haven't been there and especially after watching this video I couldn't be sadder about that.

GistBox takes care of your gists


A few days ago I discovered GistBox. It's a lovely web app which handles all your gists on GitHub. The more gists you have the more you can get annoyed if you have to find or edit one of those quickly. I personally love Gist but I don't like to use it directly on GitHub that much.

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Baseblog Kirby Theme 1.1

I've just released a minor update to my Baseblog Kirby Theme. It includes some fixes, some general code improvements and a few new features.

Just check out the changelog for more information!


How to force an element's background to be printed in Webkit

Some months ago I asked myself why the heck it's not possible to print background-colors/images in Chrome and Safari. I still don't know if this is some kind of a bug or a feature. Maybe you know the answer...

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Smart Projects Kirby Theme

I've built a first version of a project directory based on the awesomeness of Kirby a few weeks ago. And after using it for a while I'm gonna release it now, so you can check it out as well.

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How to install Kirby on XAMPP [reloaded]

When it comes to web development with Kirby on Windows you might use XAMPP as your local server environment. At the beginning of the year I wrote a [german] post about installing Kirby on XAMPP which many of you might still find while searching for some kind of tutorial. In the meanwhile Kirby has changed in some parts which are crucial in this case to uncomplicate those installations.

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